The Technology Corner Cat Rating System

We’ve finally gone big-time with our official rating system: Cats. I could have used cows, but that’s been done. Cats are honest. They’ll tell you if they like you. They’ll tell you if they don’t like you (at least if you’re not offering them dinner when you ask.) The TC Cat Rating System (TCCRS) works like this:

I can think of nothing that they might have done to make this a better appliction.
Solid application. Works well. Does what it’s supposed to.
You won’t go wrong with this one.
Good, but not my favorite toy. I do play with it occasionally, though.
I probably wouldn’t write home to tell mommacat about this one, but my human l I’m scheduled to take a nap now.
If you need to do what this does and you can’t find anything better, buy it. But If you must have this around, put it where the other cat can play with it.
Even if you need what this does, you don’t want use this to do it.
After you bury it, call the Environmental Protection Agency.
This is something that should win a prize for being particularly horrible.
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